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A car is like a house or a piece of clothing. Apart from being functional, it has to be aesthetically pleasing in order to reflect your personal sense of style. When you need a change, you put on different clothes or paint and remodel your house. The same applies to cars. When you want to freshen-up your vehicle’s appearance, whatever the reason – whether you want to give new luster to the old color or change the colors altogether, it is time to get an auto painting or repainting job. In Paterson NJ, the auto shop that you can trust is Vreeland Auto Body Co Inc.

We have been serving out community for 34 years. Over that time, we have managed to establish an unsurpassed reputation for A Top-Notch Auto Painting in Paterson, NJexcellence and have earned the loyalty of our valued customers.

There are different car colors, models and makes. From jeeps and SUVs to luxury sedans,we will paint your vehicle to perfection, whatever the model, make or type of car and special requirements you have. We use high quality car paint as well as painting tools and we always prep your car so that the new coat won’t chip off for a long time. We are always ready to help you make your car look like new. When you leave your vehicle in our care, you can be certain that it is in capable and experienced hands that will transform it into a piece of art.

At our company, we have all that it takes to paint a car – the talent, the knowledge and the experience. Do not entrust your auto painting project to just anyone. If poorly done, the the job may result in inconsistent painting and easily chipped off paint. When you use the services of our company, we guarantee that this won’t happen. Given that we charge quite affordable rates, what stops you from getting the best car painting service in town?

Vreeland Auto Body Co Inc in Paterson NJ will perform any auto painting or car collision repair service with precision and will achieve first-rate results.

If you have been in a car accident, or you just want your favorite vehicle to look as good as new, call us today at (973) 684-1382.