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Auto Painting Tips for Fixing Car Scratches

If you’re a driver then you probably know how easy it is to scratch your car. Whether you did it, or some careless shopper in a parking lot, it doesn’t really matter at this point. The question is how to fix it properly and not spend a fortune. Here are some tips that may help you do the job yourself, thus avoiding an auto painting service.

Before you start the actual work, you must first analyze the scratch. Depending on its depth and location, you will be able to fix it in your garage or have to bring it to an auto painting service. Some scratches may not even be scratches at all, and you’ll find it very easy to remove them. This types of scratches result from contact with wooden or rubber materials such as the bumper on a shopping cart or a wooden post.

Man painting a car.The good news is that you don’t need professional tools to distinguish a mark from a scratch. All you have to do is run your fingernail over the surface at a 90 degree angle to the defect. You will then know if it’s sitting on top of the paint or gauged into it. Marks can easily be removed using adhesive remover or aerosol tar. If the mark is stubborn, you can even use lacquer thinner or acetone on a soft rag.

If the defect is a scratch, you have to determine whether it extends below the surface of the paint and into the primer or it affected only the polish. Most modern cars are clear-coated over the color layer of the paint in order to provide a shinier finish. This coat also acts as a protective coat for the paint. You can fix a scratch in the polish layer by simply applying wax on the surface.

For deep scratches however, things are not that simple. Besides the fact that you need special tools and painting equipment, you also need a special room for the painting process. We highly recommend you use a professional auto painting service, such as Vinyl Fence Direct Factory - Woodland Hills, for this type of scratches. They are the most reliable auto body shop in Woodland Hills CA. For more information call 8182338072.